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Board Shorts Podcast: The Financial Risks of Being on a Board | Ep. 20

As board members, we open ourselves up to risk – financial and otherwise. But how do you begin to get …

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Board Shorts Podcast: Your First 100 Days | Ep. 19

The first 100 days in any significant leadership position provides a critical point in that person’s role. How you navigate …

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Board Shorts Podcast: A Better Way to Board Succession Planning | Ep. 18

My 10+ years in the boardroom has given me a valuable perspective on board succession planning and board recruitment. I’ve …

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Board Shorts Podcast: The Strategic Advantages of Risk and Crisis Management | Ep. 17

In this episode of the Board Shorts podcast I am joined by David Campbell. David is an expert is risk …

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Board Shorts Podcast: How to Prepare for a Board Interview | Ep. 16

Preparing for a board interview is a little bit like preparing for a professional job interview, just with a slightly …

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Board Shorts Podcast: Risk and Protection for Board Members | Ep. 14

In this episode of the Board Shorts podcast I am joined by Merlin McCloy from M2M Risk and Insurance. Merlin …

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How to Improve Your Boardroom Financial Skills

As a board member, you always have one eye turned towards the financials. There is a large amount of pressure …

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Board Shorts Podcast: NFP vs. Corporate Boards | Ep. 13

This podcast episode is an answer to a question asked by Get on Board Australia community member, Christina. Christina asks …

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Your Board Search: Using Board Search Firms

Board search firms support larger organisations and governments to recruit new board members. Many high-level executive search firms provide board …

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What is Get on Board?

Get on Board delivers education and development courses that are open to individuals from all professional backgrounds and all types of industries (public, private, NFP, sporting organisations and clubs, etc.). Get on Board focuses on aspiring directors – those people looking to join a board in the near future – and on new directors – those who are currently in their first to fifth year of sitting on a board. Everything that we do is geared towards developing the corporate governance skills, and the business, strategic and financial acumen of new and aspiring company directors.


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