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Board Shorts Podcast: Why Wellbeing needs to be on the Board’s Agenda | Ep. 06

In this episode of the Board Shorts podcast Ruth Morgan shares her expert opinion on why wellbeing should be on …Read More

Profile PhotoLisa CookJuly 24, 2018

Board Shorts Podcast: Managing Frustration in the Boardroom | Ep. 05

Frustrations are a given any time you bring a group of people together to work on something. At work, at …Read More

Profile PhotoLisa CookJuly 17, 2018

Building Your Core Board Skills

In surveying board recruiters, the feedback they gave was overwhelming – they want to see you demonstrate business acumen, strategic …Read More

Profile PhotoLisa CookJuly 3, 2018

A Lesson in Patience

Pursuing a board opportunity is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience, particularly if it’s your first time. Not wanting to inadvertently …Read More

Profile PhotoLisa CookJune 28, 2018

The Worst Pieces of Advice I’ve Heard as a Director

It’s a shock and surprise to new board members. The people they end up sharing the boardroom with can sometimes …Read More

Profile PhotoLisa CookJune 26, 2018

Five Things to Consider About Your Board Resume Referees

Today’s question comes from a reader via Facebook: “Something that I’m wondering about with applying for board positions is who …Read More

Profile PhotoLisa CookJune 5, 2018

Yes, You Do Have Something to Offer a Board

This post has been on my mind for some time now as I feel it addresses an important need for …Read More

Profile PhotoLisa CookMay 22, 2018

SANFL Moves to Increase Diversity on Club Boards

SANFL is kicking off a program to improve diversity on SANFL club boards, with a key goal of the League …Read More

Profile PhotoLisa CookMay 21, 2018

Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Joining a Board

We live life forward, and understand it in reverse. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we did it the …Read More

Profile PhotoLisa CookMay 15, 2018

How to be of Service to your Fellow Board Members

I believe that everyone is a leader. Regardless of whether you wear a specific title or have a certain designated …Read More

Profile PhotoLisa CookMay 10, 2018

What is Get on Board?

Get on Board delivers education and development courses that are open to individuals from all professional backgrounds and all types of industries (public, private, NFP, sporting organisations and clubs, etc.). Get on Board focuses on aspiring directors – those people looking to join a board in the near future – and on new directors – those who are currently in their first to fifth year of sitting on a board. Everything that we do is geared towards developing the corporate governance skills, and the business, strategic and financial acumen of new and aspiring company directors.


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