The Get on Board Australia BOARDboard is a job board promoting board vacancies across Australia.

The BOARDboard exists to provide board opportunities exclusively to graduates of the Boardroom Bootcamp course.

Boardroom Bootcamp graduates provide boards with ready-to-go board candidates holding the prerequisite knowledge and understanding to contribute as a valuable board member.

The BOARDboard is available to all boards to promote their vacancy / vacancies. It is a free service provided to volunteer-based boards. For boards with paid board vacancies, a listing price of $50 per 60-day advertisement applies.


If you’re a Board advertising a vacancy

Complete the company registration and then list your board opportunity from your employer dashboard.


Tips for creating a compelling advertisement

  • Share your organisation’s story and purpose
  • Be clear on the skills and expertise you are looking for (reference to skills matrix and/or the organisation’s strategy is helpful)
  • Be clear on the personality / character you are looking for
  • Outline the specific requirements: time, committee duties, attendance at extra events, fundraising, etc.
  • Clarify if the role is in a volunteer capacity or if it is compensated/paid in any way
  • Provide links for further information that will be beneficial for the candidate to review (like your strategic plan, annual report, current board members, and other information about the organisation and its services)
  • Read this article for more help


If you’re a Candidate looking for a board vacancy

Access to board opportunities is only available to Boardroom Bootcamp graduates. If you are a graduate, log in and visit the BOARDboard to view and apply for board vacancies. Make sure you have your board resume ready!