Master Your Boardroom Mindset - Podcasts

Five ways you're holding yourself back from boardroom success.

Over the past five years I have been supporting aspiring board members forge their path to the boardroom. I have noticed that time and time again, that board hopefuls are holding themselves back with limiting beliefs about life in the boardroom (I’ve even fallen into some of these traps!).

Over these five podcast episodes I talk about how to overcome the common mindset traps that are holding you back from breaking into the boardroom and being a high performance board member.

Podcast Episodes

Episode One – You Belong in the Boardroom

Download Episode One PDF Worksheet

Episode Two – Look Past Post-Nominals

Download Episode Two PDF Worksheet

Episode Three – Prestige doesn’t equal performance

Download Episode Three PDF Worksheet

Episode Four – Past Performance Does Not Predict Future Performance

Download Episode Four PDF Worksheet 

Episode Five – Start Bad!

Download Episode Five PDF Worksheet