Accelerate your learning and understanding of what it takes to be on a board. Gain all of your foundational director knowledge in one affordable and flexible course.

Course Overview

This 12-week intensive course is for new and aspiring company directors and board members; accelerating your learning and understanding of what it takes to be on a board. You will gain all of your foundational knowledge in one course that is widely accessible to those looking to enhance their boardroom potential.

Learn at your own pace and become a more knowledgable board member as you gain knowledge from some the best subject matter experts from around Australia. All of the contributors have board experience, and many have been formally recognised for their business and professional achievements. You can view their profiles here.

Have your personal questions answered by an experienced company director who is available as your course supervisor. They will be active on the course forum, and will run a three webinars with the rest of your course classmates during the course. The class will learn together with weekly emails keeping you on track and up-to-date with the course material. The time investment required will be around 4 – 6 hours per week.

Stand out from the board competition by gaining your Certificate of Board Readiness by successfully completing the end-of-course multiple choice exam. All participants will receive a Summary of Topics Completed, including the estimated number of hours you have invested into the course, to demonstrate your investment into your continued professional development.

As a participant you receive

  • A Certificate in Board Readiness – upon completion of the end-of-course quiz (80% pass mark)
  • Access to the course material for 12 months (for future referencing of material, or if you need to take a little longer to finish).
  • Free access to Breaking into the Boardroom (for up to 12 months post-course. Instructions on how to access course will be emailed directly to you)
  • Course supervision and assistance from an experienced company director
  • Three webinars to re-cap the previous module and introduce the coming module, along with a chance to ask questions on the course material for further learning
  • Access to a private course forum to interact with fellow course participants and the course supervisor, and where you can ask questions to help further your learning and understanding of the course content
  • Weekly emails keeping you on track with your learning and course work

Please Note

This course starts on Saturday 2 September 2017. To be involved in this program, sign-up using the “Take this Course” button at the top right of this page. If you would like to make three monthly payments, please purchase the course via the three-part-payment subscription page.

A welcome email will be sent to you containing important information, and then you will start receiving weekly emails when the course begins on Saturday 2 September 2017.

Any questions?

Please check our FAQ page for frequently asked questions about our courses, or send us an email with your question.

Course Curriculum

Module One: The Board
BRBCB01 Role of the Board 01:00:00
BRBCB02 Board Dynamics 01:00:00
BRBCB03 Board Competencies 01:00:00
BRBCB04 Role of Board Non-Executive Positions 01:00:00
BRBCB05 Director Recruitment and Remuneration 01:00:00
BRBCB06 Board Committees 01:00:00
BRBCB07 Board Meetings 01:00:00
Module Two: The Director
BRBCD01 Director’s Duties 01:00:00
BRBCD02 Role of the Director 01:00:00
BRBCD03 Director’s Competencies 01:00:00
BRBCD04 Understanding and Analysing Financial Statements 02:00:00
BRBCD05 Resilience for Directors 01:00:00
BRBCD06 Managing Change 01:00:00
BRBCD07 Personal Asset Protection 01:00:00
BRBCD08 Leadership for Directors 01:00:00
BRBCD09 Effective Director Behaviours 01:00:00
Module Three: The Organisation
BRBCO01 Governance: Compliance 01:00:00
BRBCO02 Governance: Policies and Assurance 02:00:00
BRBCO03 Governance: Culture 01:00:00
BRBCO04 Governance: Risk Management 01:00:00
BRBCO05 Governance: Workplace Health and Safety 01:00:00
BRBCO06 Governance: Cyber and Information Security 01:00:00
BRBCO07 & 08 Management Relations: CEO and Senior Executives 01:00:00
BRBCO09 Management Relations: Delegations 01:30:00
BRBCO10 Performance: Strategy 01:00:00
BRBCO11 Performance: Monitoring Corporate Outcomes 01:00:00
BRBCO12 Performance: Decision Making 01:00:00
BRBCO13 Performance: Guiding a Company Through Challenging Times 01:00:00
BRBCO14 Performance: Innovation 01:00:00
Module Four: Stakeholders
BRBCS01 Stakeholders: Society and Community 01:30:00
BRBCS02 Stakeholders: Stakeholder Relations 01:00:00
End of Course Exam: Certificate of Board Readiness
Certificate of Board Readiness Unlimited

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  • $795.00 excl. GST
  • 2 months, 3 weeks
  • 20 SEATS

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