Inclusion and Sustainability in the Boardroom: Introducing The Brawn Review | Ep. 61

Professor Miranda Brawn shares her work on The Brawn Review: Boardroom Sustainability, Inclusion and Corporate Governance, and The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation, along with the outcomes she is working towards through each of these initiatives.

Our conversation spans diversity, sustainability, and inclusion, particularly as it applies to the boardroom; the role that boards play in improving their and their organisation’s diversity, sustainability, and inclusion; why there hasn’t been faster progress in board diversity despite the many programs and initiative available; and how diverse individuals can put themselves forward for leadership roles, particularly board roles.

If you want to participate in The Brawn Review survey, reach out to Professor Brawn via Keble College, Oxford University before 16 December 2022.

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About Professor Miranda Brawn

Professor Miranda K Brawn has nearly 30 years of regional and international experience at the intersection between financial services, law, academia, technology, engineering, charity and policy.

Her expertise is on diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), environmental, social and governance (ESG) and risk issues where she provides boardroom-level advice on strategy, growth and innovation. Which is the focus of our conversation.

During her tenure at Keble College, The University of Oxford, she will be lecturing and researching ‘The Brawn Review’; an independent report where her research has a strong multidisciplinary orientation, drawing on boardroom diversity with a focus on sustainability, inclusion and corporate governance including her “iCHANGES” model. Her report and new book will be finalised while at Oxford and are both set for publication in 2023.

Miranda is a multi-award winning British businesswoman with a portfolio career as a board advisor, non-executive director, philanthropist and international public speaker. She is also, the Founder, President and CEO of award winning registered Charity ‘The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation’ (TMBDLF).

She frequently educates our next and current generation of leaders through numerous keynote talks, workshops and lectures helping to bridge the diversity, inclusion and sustainability gaps while sharing her success tips. She has written and contributed to numerous publications and media platforms including Forbes, Bloomberg, BBC and CNBC to name but a few, with the ability to make important issues relatable, inclusive and engaging to any audience from all different backgrounds.

Miranda is described as ‘a brilliant innovative mind’ with ‘a rare combination of intellectual depth and pragmatism’ who is ‘unafraid to raise novel points for progressive change’, ‘very sophisticated in pushing the boundaries’ and having ‘a passionate commitment to equality, inclusion, sustainability and justice.’

In early 2022 she launched the innovative ‘Miranda Brawn Award’ in partnership with the University of Oxford and TMBDLF.

Her lecture is called “The Brawn Review: Boardroom sustainability, inclusion and corporate governance” forming the 7th Annual Lecture for TMBDLF which made UK history during its launch in 2016.

A common thread in her work is the urgent need for an inclusive, sustainable and just world.

Find out more about Professor Miranda K. Brawn

The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation

Miranda Brawn Personal Website

Professor Miranda Brawn @ Keble College, Oxford University (reach out to Professor Brawn by 16 December 2022 to participate in The Brawn Review survey)

Professor Miranda Brawn on LinkedIn


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