Boardroom Bootcamp Completed

Congratulations, !

You’ve successfully completed Boardroom Bootcamp.

Your investment into your Board education and growth will enable you to have a truly flourishing board career where you are in-demand, valued, and respected in the boardrooms where you desire to be.

I encourage you to attempt the Certificate of Board Readiness Quiz. This is an optional quiz you can now take. Successfully completing the quiz – which requires an 80% or greater pass mark – will enable you to receive a Certificate of Board Readiness, formally recognising your investment and commitment to your Board and governance education.

If you choose not to do the quiz at this stage, we will shortly mail you your Summary of Topics Completed, giving you an official record of the investment you have made into growing your board and director knowledge.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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Lisa Cook
Managing Director
Get on Board Australia