Step Three | Establish Your Personal Brand

8 Steps to Landing a Board Role Series

Step three of the 8 Steps to Landing a Board Role is all about using the work you have done in steps one and two to begin crafting an intentional and authentic personal brand.

Firstly, please take a read through the two articles I shared this week; they will help make what I say in this week’s video make much more sense.

The importance of a personal brand for new and aspiring board members

How to build your personal board brand

After reading these articles, watch this week’s video. I’m sharing why you need a personal board brand, how to proactively build it, AND what boards are looking for from you in relation to your personal brand (this is some critical information not previously shared in the above articles).

I talk a lot about using online environments as a personal brand ‘outlet’. I found this article from AHRI talking about making a good impression online. It’s worth a quick read as well. More and more boards will ‘Google’ you before progressing you to the next stage of their board recruitment process, so make sure your search results are telling the true, authentic story about you!

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