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Are you ready to step up and take your seat at the Boardroom table? At Get on Board Australia, we not only want you to arrive, we want you to thrive in your role as a successful Board Member and Company Director. Our online courses have been designed with you in mind – they’re flexible, affordable, and feature the latest information you need to earn and own your place on the Board of your dreams.

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Write a standout Board resume in five simple steps.

Gain the knowledge, tools and skills to earn a board seat.

Break into the Boardroom

A step-by-step guide to forging your path to the Boardroom.

Online Course for New and Aspiring Board Members

Boardroom Bootcamp

All of your foundational Board knowledge in one affordable and flexible course.

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Boardroom Bootcamp

This fully online course has been created for aspiring and emerging Board Members. It will accelerate your learning and understanding of what it takes to be on a Board. You will gain all of your foundational knowledge in one affordable and flexible course that is accessible to those looking to enhance their Boardroom potential and performance.

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We develop and deliver customised online education, face-to-face workshops, or a combination of both, for your Board.

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