Corporate Governance

Duties, responsibilities, rights, and obligations of directors; Monitoring the actions, policies, and decisions of corporations; Aligning interests among an organisation’s stakeholders; Rights and equitable treatment of shareholders; Role and responsibilities of the board; Integrity and ethical behaviour; Disclosure and transparency; and related topic areas.



Board Shorts Podcast: Diary of a Board Member – Governance Basics for New and Aspiring Board Members

In today’s episode of Diary of a Board Member, I share a topic that has recently come up in quite …

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Infographic: Good Board vs. Bad Board

I’ve had my fair share of good boards and bad boards. It’s an unfortunate reality that we tend to learn …

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Five Questions to ask about your Stakeholder Relations Activity

I recently wrote about the art of using stakeholder relations for improved business outcomes. That article provided some useful information …

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Performance vs. Philanthropy: Setting Your Priority

I have the pleasure of sitting on the board of an organisation that has two core purposes: creating a return …

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Selecting a Chair for your Board

One of the most important tasks for a director is selecting a Chair (or President) to lead the board. If …

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Five Questions to ask About Your Strategy

Strategy is one of the board’s most important areas of responsibility: from setting the way forward, to monitoring its achievement, …

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How to Know When it’s Time to Quit a Board

The irony that this post is on a website that encourages new and aspiring directors to ‘Get on Board’ has …

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Five Must-Know Things About Corporate Governance

If you’ve recently joined a board, or are thinking about doing so in the near future, you’ve probably heard the …

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The Way Most Boards Think About Director Recruitment is Broken

Best practice is a wonderful thing… in theory. How many of us actually practice it though (perhaps it should be …

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What Boards Will [hopefully] Look Like in 10 Years

Boards are not the first place that comes to mind when you think about how they have changed in the …

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What is Get on Board?

Get on Board delivers education and development courses that are open to individuals from all professional backgrounds and all types of industries (public, private, NFP, sporting organisations and clubs, etc.). Get on Board focuses on aspiring directors – those people looking to join a board in the near future – and on new directors – those who are currently in their first to fifth year of sitting on a board. Everything that we do is geared towards developing the corporate governance skills, and the business, strategic and financial acumen of new and aspiring company directors.


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