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Creating and sustaining an engaged and motivated group of individuals is critical in any business context. The boardroom is no different.

What is often the case, though and I’ve experienced this first-hand, is we expect board members to show up, but what we get are human beings. Human beings that are very smart, used to being in charge, and leading other humans. But, when placed in the context of the boardroom, lack of board experience, board dynamics, and internal politics influence how well those humans can collaborate and produce valuable outcomes for an organisation. These forces are unique to the boardroom, but not unique across all boards.

It takes a special toolkit to effectively work with and leverage value from the individuals who make up the board of directors while at the same time minimising the impacts of negative board dynamics and politics. It also takes a special leader to utilise this toolkit consistently; preferably proactively, yet sometimes reactively.

Effectively and efficiently integrating, activating, and motivating board members is much easier through the appreciation and use of – what I call – people-first principles and a purpose-focused board. Using this I AM framework, this episode shares smart and practical techniques that all boards can introduce to create and maintain an engaged, empowered, and energised board.

Conversation Highlights

Specifically, I will share:

  • Techniques to integrate and onboard new board members so they deliver value fast.
  • Methods to activate board members and ensure they are working on the right things at the right time. And,
  • Approaches to tap into board members’ motivations to sustain their board participation.

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