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Diary of a Board Member – It’s about More than Just Getting on a Board

There are a lot of places and people urging and helping you to get on to a board. Some, charging …

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Board Shorts Podcast: Diary of a Board Member – Governance Basics for New and Aspiring Board Members

In today’s episode of Diary of a Board Member, I share a topic that has recently come up in quite …

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Board Shorts Podcast Ep. 6: Etiquette in the Boardroom

Today’s episode is all about Etiquette in the boardroom: why manners always matter, and I’m joined by etiquette expert Alana …

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Board Shorts Podcast Ep. 5: Why Wellbeing needs to be on the Board’s Agenda

In this episode of the Board Shorts podcast Ruth Morgan shares her expert opinion on why wellbeing should be on …

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Board Shorts Podcast – Diary of a Board Member Ep.1

Frustrations are a given any time you bring a group of people together to work on something. At work, at …

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Board Shorts Podcast Ep.4: Managing Conflict in the Boardroom

Given that conversations around the board table can get a little heated and some issues can become quite contentious, we …

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Board Shorts Podcast Episode 3: Innovation in the Boardroom

A conversation with special guest Noel Verma, Senior Manager at PwC and Boardroom Bootcamp contributor, talking about innovation in the …

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Board Shorts Podcast Episode Two

Welcome to episode two of Get on Board Australia’s new podcast series “board shorts”. It’s called board shorts because boards and …

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Board Shorts Podcast Episode One

Welcome to episode one of Get on Board Australia’s new podcast series “board shorts”. It’s called board shorts because boards …

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What is Get on Board?

Get on Board delivers education and development courses that are open to individuals from all professional backgrounds and all types of industries (public, private, NFP, sporting organisations and clubs, etc.). Get on Board focuses on aspiring directors – those people looking to join a board in the near future – and on new directors – those who are currently in their first to fifth year of sitting on a board. Everything that we do is geared towards developing the corporate governance skills, and the business, strategic and financial acumen of new and aspiring company directors.


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