The A-Z of Corporate Governance: N to Z | Ep. 81

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This episode is part two of the a-z of corporate governance, covering N-Z. Hopefully you tuned in to episode 80 where I covered A-M.

As I mentioned in that episode, the idea for this series came about because of the frequent questions I’m asked about various aspects of boards and corporate governance. For many people, the world of boards and governance seems to be opaque and closed off, where language is used as a way to keep people away from wanting to get into this level of corporate leadership.

So, we’re busting through this particular corporate veil by providing a non-exhaustive list of definitions of various aspects of corporate governance and board life, working our way through the A-Z of corporate governance. This episode covers N-Z. Let’s get into our NOPs…


Links Mentioned in the Episode

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Zero-Sum Thinking:




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