Asking Better Questions in the Boardroom with Greg Bustin | Ep. 21

The key to getting better answers to help solve problems or seize opportunities is to ask better questions. Genuine curiosity is a cornerstone attribute of effective board members and effective boards.

But how do we develop our questioning muscle? What makes a great question? What stops us from asking questions? And where do you start when faced with big issues in the boardroom?

I sat down with question-asking expert Greg Bustin earlier this year at the international Vistage Chair conference in San Diego to pick his brain about how us as board members can develop and ask better questions in the boardroom.

Using Greg’s book ‘That’s a Great Question’ as a conversation starting point, Greg and I talked about:

  • What makes a great question.
  • What words to avoid when asking questions.
  • What is stopping us from asking questions.
  • The value in slowing down.
  • Why how you ask a question is just as important as what you ask.
  • Five questions every organisation should be asking.
  • Where to start with big decisions in the boardroom.
  • And a brief history of the question mark.

Download the Decision Grid for Boards.

Please reach out and connect with Greg via his website, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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