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This episode was inspired by a recent conversation I had with a friend about her board career and the goals she has for it. We quickly got onto the topic of governance-centred courses, which is a common consideration for aspiring board members. As I was talking with my friend, we also got onto the topic of board recruitment and the common desired and required attribute of candidates is that they can demonstrate that they have completed a particular governance-centred course, rather than focusing on the corporate governance experience or expertise gained through other avenues.

It became clear that there are two sides to the conversation about qualifications for board members: one from the aspiring board member perspective (when looking to join a board or further their board career), and one from the board perspective (when considering potential new board members). So, that’s what is covered in this episode.

I unpack:

  • The perception that you need a qualification to be on a board.
  • If there is a particular governance course you should invest in.
  • Why a qualification doesn’t make someone a great board member.
  • How to navigate a board’s candidate’s required/desired governance education/qualification.
  • How your board goals influence your governance education investment, including actual board service.
  • The important of a comprehensive board search strategy for aspiring board members.
  • How boards can be clearer when communicating desirable board candidate attributes, particularly as it relates to corporate governance knowledge and application.

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