Keeping Your Board Strategic | Ep. 43

Do you ever feel bogged down in the nitty-gritty of every tiny detail at board meetings? Does the conversation feel like its going around and around in circles? Do you ever hear your CEO use the words “micro-managing” and “over controlling” when talking about your board? Well, it could be because your board is too concerned with the operational issues of the organisation when the focus should really be on the more important strategic matters.

So this is where I hope to help you and your board identify and focus on your organisation’s strategic issues. I’ve compiled a list of seven questions to help you focus discussions at your board meetings. I also talk about how keeping your conversations, attention, focus and energy on strategic matters and issues in the boardroom actually starts before you get to the meeting, and what these foundational elements are (listen to episode 41 for more on this).

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Get on Board Australia · Keeping Your Board Strategic | Ep. 43

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