Leading with Heart in the Boardroom with Samantha McGolrick | Ep. 31

The longer I listen to the news, the more I hear about organisations lurching from one culture crisis to the next. The boardroom is the place where bad culture starts, but it’s also where bad culture can – and probably should – die. With the average person spending 90,000 hours of their life at work, workplace culture has an enormous influence and impact on our wellbeing.

In this episode, I’m talking with Samantha McGolrick, a Health and Safety professional. This is actually a conversation NOT about health and safety compliance, but one about helping you as a board member to improve organisational performance and find deeper meaning and purpose in your board role by using your influence to make a positive impact.

Sam’s niche is in educating board members on effective governance & leadership of safety, health & well-being matters as a means through which the board can cultivate a culture where people feel they matter and create spaces where people leave work in a better condition than when they arrived.

Sam is the creator of Lead with Heart in the Boardroom, the only safety, health & well-being leadership and governance training of its kind tailored to a global board member audience that will help you ask better questions and look for early warning signs by recognising where and how you influence on health, safety & well-being outcomes, and then use this influence to remove excuses, cultivate culture, and lead by example.

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