The A-Z of Corporate Governance: A to M | Ep. 80

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I am frequently asked about the meaning of various board and corporate governance terms. To many people, this part of business seems to be opaque and closed off, using language as a way to keep people away from wanting to get into this level of corporate leadership. So, I’m here to help bust through this particular corporate veil by providing a non-exhaustive list of definitions of various aspects of corporate governance and board life, working our way through the A-Z of corporate governance. This episode will cover A-M, and episode 81 will cover N-Z (getting interesting when we get to W, X, Y, and Z!).

Let’s start our ABCs of corporate governance…


Links Mentioned in the Episode

Article: Corporate Governance Defined: Not So Easy

By James McRitchie for


Book: Directors at Work: A Practical Guide for Boards

By Kiel, Nicholson, Tunny, and Beck



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