You are NOT the Problem (and what Boards can do about it) | Ep. 64

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Structural and personal issues culminate to create a demand problem on boards for diverse candidates. Board diversity – or lack of board diversity – is not a supply problem. It’s a demand problem.

More programs targeted at “fixing” diverse cohorts are not going to increase demand to meet the rate of supply. Actions need to be taken by boards to unlock demand to pull diverse candidates into the system.

It’s not the aspiring and diverse board candidate who is the problem. You don’t need fixing before being board ready. Yes, educate yourself on the requirements of a board member, but do not see it as the golden ticket into the boardroom. And, for each board-readiness program aimed at a diverse cohort, demand a similar education program for boards themselves. Ask, how are you also increasing demand for this diverse cohort? 

Like the economy, the board economy is two-sided (supply and demand), so let’s treat it that way. I share four ideas for boards to unlock demand for diverse board candidates.


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