Culture In and Beyond the Boardroom | Ep. 70

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Georgia Henry is the founder and CEO of Henry Reed, a specialist culture and leadership consultancy and advisory business that partners with organisations and people leaders to drive positive culture change for meaningful and measurable impact.

Georgia is on the Board Shorts Podcast to share her perspectives and expertise on organisational culture and, particularly, the Board’s role in changing, shaping, and keeping their finger on the pulse of their culture in the boardroom and the culture throughout their organisation.

As a culture expert with global knowledge and more than 30 years of experience in organizational culture, leadership, organisation design and human resources, Georgia understands how important the human experience of work is to the success of any business. Georgia blends this experience with her governance experience from the boards of global, national, and local businesses across diverse industries.

Our conversation explores the definition of culture (important because of the buzzword status that culture carries), how you can begin to understand the culture you have, how your organisation optimises opportunities for creating competitive advantage, mitigate risks from behaviours, and deliver improved financial and non-financial results through your culture; how your board begins to craft its own culture, along with your organisation’s culture; and how your organisation can leverage culture as a strategic advantage.

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