Creating a Sustainable Board Career with Brad Waldron | Ep. 37

My guest today is Brad Waldron. Brad is known for his room-filling energy, infectious humour and battle-proven insights with immediate real-world applications. He has a proven record of helping others to succeed, through harnessing a rare combination of insight, humour and practical strategies to increase performance whilst enabling people to gain more fulfilment from their professional roles. He’s a speaker, CEO, executive chairman, strategist, coach, champion, author and winner across sport and business.

I came across Brad when I searched LinkedIn using the phrase ‘Corporate Athlete’; as you now know, Brad really does embody that mental image of a corporate athlete. I invited Brad onto the podcast because I know that many of you are playing multiple roles: full-time professional, parent, partner, family member, friend, and board member. Amongst other things. I want to support you to be successful across all of these roles, and that you maintain the high energy, high output, that you are likely known for, without burning out so that you have a long-term sustainable board career.

Brad answered:

  • What is ‘thriving leadership’? What characterises it?
  • What are some core principles that people should keep in mind to maintain a high level of performance across multiple roles?
  • What are the 3 natural leadership gifts that build or destroy a Leader’s credibility and effectiveness?
  • How can people understand themselves better? Why is this critical for leaders?
  • What is ‘playing from a 10’? Why does it matter? How do you do it?

I am sure that this conversation will inspire and motivate you to be intentional about the roles you choose to play, and that you play them from a 10.

Download Brad’s “Live your life by a compass”.

Connect with Brad on LinkedIn and via his website. Check out his book, Present Naked – How to Deliver Presentations with Substance and Sizzle.

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