The Keys to a Thriving Chair-CEO Relationship with Jerry Kleeman | Ep. 68

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I’ve invited a very special guest back to the podcast for this conversation; my husband Jerry Kleeman (from episode #29 – The Art of Networking). Jerry is uniquely qualified to talk on this episode’s topic; he works extensively with CEOs (both business owners and hired guns), many of whom have a board to which they report. Often, Jerry helps his CEO clients work with and manage their Board, and in particular, their board Chair.

Jerry shares his insights from his 20 years of working with SME CEOs to dissect the ideal Chair-CEO relationship; know how to build the relationship using shared principles; create a regular Chair-CEO one-to-one agenda; identify where problems in the relationship manifest; manage CEO burnout; and what to do if the Chair isn’t the best person to work closely with the CEO.

Questions I asked Jerry

  • Describe the ideal Chair-CEO relationship; what does it look and feel like for both parties?
  • What does a regular Chair-CEO one-to-one agenda cover?
  • Does the Chair act as a coach or mentor to the CEO?
  • Where do problems in the Chair-CEO relationship usually manifest?
  • Where can a Chair or CEO begin to establish a solid relationship?
  • What if the Chair isn’t the best person on the board to work closely with the CEO; What would you recommend?

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