Board Shorts Podcast: Learning Beyond Learning | Ep. 25

At the beginning of this year – 2020 – I went back to school to study a Master of Business Law.

Of course, I was expecting to learn a lot about law, particularly law that had a lot to do with business. It turns out that a lot of law can have a lot to do with business! But university – particularly my first semester back at university in about 8 years – actually ended up being a mirror. It highlighted parts of my personality, temperament, and working style. I was TOTALLY NOT expecting that. But rather than fight it, I decided to use it and grow from it.

I thought that I would share some of the lessons that I have learned beyond the academic teachings, because I don’t think I’m alone with these. And, I think they could provide valuable lessons for all of us. I also want it to serve as an encouragement for you to undergo deep self-reflection in order to continue to evolve and develop as a leader (of yourself, first, and of others).

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