Finding Your Voice in the Boardroom with Tamsin Simounds | Ep. 63

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I frequently receive comments from Board Talk community members asking for help on how they can find their voice in the boardroom and build powerful boardroom presence. 

Here’s what people are concerned about: 

“Confidence to speak up with my ideas around the board table. Often if I decide to keep an idea to myself another board member will suggest what I was thinking! Lost opportunity for me.”

“I self-doubt if I’m good enough professionally to do this compared to the many amazingly credentialed people out there.”

“How do I avoid falling into groupthink”

“As a female on an all-male Board – all experienced and good people, how to be me and how to be better.” 

“Diversity and being heard as the minority view.” 

“Finding my voice and feeling like I am worthy of my position at the table. Being fairly new to this kind of work, it’s fascinating but I feel afraid to use my voice sometimes.” 

“Getting over imposter syndrome.”

“How to influence outcomes in authentic ways.”

If you feel the same, this conversation with Tamsin Simounds will give you some ideas and tools to help you find your voice, confidence, and presence in the boardroom. We cover building confidence to speak up and share your ideas, minimising self-doubt; the role you can play in avoiding groupthink; bringing a diverse voice to the boardroom; ways to find your voice and feel like a valued and valuable board member; getting over imposter syndrome; and how to influence outcomes in authentic ways. I share some of my boardroom beginner blunders (there’s been many) and reassure you that being a beginner is OK and is valuable in itself!


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