Building a Solid Board-CEO Relationship with Jerry Kleeman | Ep. 73

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Every board needs a solid connection with their CEO. And every CEO needs a solid connection with their board. The Board-CEO relationship is dynamic and, done well, enables an organisation to be successful, sound, and solid. Done poorly, and the organisation can reel from crisis to crisis; underperforming and drawing criticism from people inside and outside of the organisation. It’s a tough place for a Board and organisation to come back from.

Thankfully there are practices and principles that are simple to introduce and maintain to keep the Board-CEO relationship firing on all cylinders, even in the face of crisis or uncertainty.

As a follow up to a recent webinar I hosted for BoardPro about why every board needs a solid connection with their CEO, I’m answering a handful of questions that weren’t answered during the webinar due to our limited time in the live presentation. And I thought what a great idea to bring back my ‘CEO whisperer’ (and my husband) Jerry Kleeman to give us the view from the other side of the table – I bring the board perspective, he brings the CEO perspective – and answer these questions with a wider lens than the pure governance view shared in my recent webinar.

Some of the questions we answer:

  • What essential skills are required for CEOs to succeed in future?
  • How do you handle a board that continues delving into operational issues during board meetings?
  • How significant is a strong Emotional Intelligence for a CEO?
  • How do you get a CEO or Board Member to “realise” it’s time to go, and what if they still don’t?
  • What does the CEO do if you have a Board that doesn’t properly understand the business?

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BoardPro Webinar Replay ‘Why every board needs a solid connection with their CEO’

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