Board Shorts Podcast: The Strategic Advantages of Risk and Crisis Management | Ep. 17

In this episode of the Board Shorts podcast I am joined by David Campbell. David is an expert is risk and crisis management. But before your eyes glaze over and you skip to another podcast, David has a far more interesting way of looking at business risk than many others; focusing on the opportunities that business risks present. Dare I say it, I think David makes talking about risk management fun!

In this episode, David covers:

• What he sees is the board’s role in risk and crisis management;
• How to change your perception of risk management as an advantage;
• Where he sees boards get lost and overwhelmed with risk and crisis management;
• And, some simple and practical ways that boards can start doing risk management more effectively.

David Campbell is the Managing Director of Resilience Planning, a leading provider of risk, emergency, crisis and continuity planning, training, exercising and assurance services.

David has over 20 years of experience in this field, and lectures at the University of South Australia.

His career in emergency services has helped David to develop his unique perspective on risk, business continuity, and leveraging it for strategic advantage.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

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