Board Shorts Podcast: How to Prepare for a Board Interview | Ep. 16

Preparing for a board interview is a little bit like preparing for a professional job interview, just with a slightly different perspective. In this episode of the Board Shorts Podcast I share the main areas of questioning you will likely experience during your board interview and how best you can prepare for these. I also touch on a few other areas that I recommend you review so that you can prepare questions to ask the interviewer(s) so that you are really sure about joining their board (or not).

As a side note, it’s probably worth keeping in mind that the person / people interviewing you are likely also a professional by day and board member by night and that THEY are also doing their best and figuring it out as they go along (I’ve got experience in that!).

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Joining a board is a significant investment in your time, energy, and reputation. You should be as sure as you can be before you join.

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