Board Shorts Podcast: NFP vs. Corporate Boards | Ep. 13

This podcast episode is an answer to a question asked by Get on Board Australia community member, Christina. Christina asks

“Does being on the board of a not for profit differ significantly from a company?”

Thank you for sending in this question Christina. 

The short answer to this question is yes and no. But that doesn’t exactly tell you much! And the long answer brings in many complexities, circumstantial intricacies, and organisation and board specifics. 

The answer I share in this podcast falls somewhere in the middle and gives you food for thought when considering whether you want to join a not-for-profit board or a corporate board. I address three main areas that people primarily consider when asking the question on how NFP and corporate boards differ. And that is around:

1. Director’s duties and responsibilities: largely focused on whether being on a NFP board or a volunteer director absolves you of any legal or otherwise requirements.

2. Time: essentially focused on whether one type of board requires more or less time than the other. And,

3. The work required from you: mainly around whether one type of organisation requires more from you as a director.

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