Mastering Key Boardroom Skills | Ep. 39

The chances are high that you will sit on many different boards throughout your board career. Your boards will likely be in different industries, serve different customers, have different and unique challenges and opportunities, and will have its own culture and structure and context. To try and build specific skills for each and every permutation would be a long and tedious task. This is where developing the necessary core skills will enable you to have a catalyst for learning and building new, specific, skills faster. These core skills are termed ‘meta skills’.

I share my list of board member meta skills and how you can master them.

My Five Meta Skills for Board Members:

  1. Getting comfortable with Discomfort
  2. Curiosity and Courage
  3. Self-Awareness
  4. Not knowing it all
  5. Commitment

* This episode is a replay of the September 2021 Masterclass recorded live in the Board Talk community on Facebook (it’s free to join the community).



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