How to do Diversity and Inclusion in Any Organisation with Jasleen Kaur | Ep. 76

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Jasleen Kaur and I dig into diversity and inclusion, what the state of the nation is regards to the work done so far, how organisations can make meaningful progress and impact, how to avoid tokenism, where to find diverse candidates (for your board or organisation), and how individual accountability and consequences are key in achieving desired inclusion outcomes.

I didn’t want this to be another diversity and inclusion conversation; there’s a lot of those out there already (including episodes 61, 23, and 2 of this podcast). I asked Jasleen to share the grassroots thinking and approaches that any board can adopt to make real progress towards their inclusion and diversity goals. And if you’re wondering which comes first – diversity or inclusion – that’s the first question we tackle in this episode.

About Jasleen

Jasleen is a Senior Principle in Gartner’s Human Resources Research and Advisory Practice, based in Sydney. As part of her role at Gartner (a global research and consulting firm), she partners with Heads of HR and their talent management teams across the world, to drive their strategic decision making and implementation in areas of Diversity and Inclusion, Talent Analytics, Performance Management and Wellbeing, using Gartner’s evidence-based research.

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Gartner Resources on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


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