Board Shorts Podcast: How Your Constitution Impacts or Enables Your Board Composition and Recruitment | Ep. 15

This episode of Diary of a Board Member is about a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately as I have conversations with boards, board members, and CEOs. And that’s how the organisation’s constitution impacts or enables their board composition and board recruitment activities/capabilities.

This topic has the potential to be a philosophical conversation that could go around and around in circles. Many constitutional clauses – when it comes to board composition and recruitment – can have both positive and negative outcomes, and both intended and unintended consequences.

To keep this conversation concise, I focus on 3 primary areas of a constitution that play a significant role in board composition and recruitment. And those are Terms and Term Limits, Elected vs. Appointed Board Members, and Nominations Committees.

Please remember that every organisation and constitution is different and unique. What I talk about are generalities from my experience and perspective. I encourage you to seek legal advice when it comes to your constitution, making changes, and interpretations of existing clauses.

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