Board Shorts Podcast Ep. 7: Risk and Protection for Board Members

With Merlin McCloy.

In this episode of the Board Shorts podcast I am joined by Merlin McCloy from M2M Risk and Insurance.

Merlin has worked within the Insurance and Risk Management areas since 1987. She works with businesses to look for ways to minimise their risk through both management of risk and insurance protection.

Merlin and I talked about risk and protection for board members. Now, don’t be put off by the topic of risk, protection, and insurance! These are critical areas of importance for all board members on any board – for profit and not-for-profit.

As discussed in this interview, Merlin has been kind enough to share with us an insurance checklist for you to use as part of your board due diligence. You can download it here.

Before listening to today’s episode, please note that the information in this podcast is general in nature and you need to consider your own circumstances and seek expert advice in regards to your – and/or your board’s – risk and insurance requirements. With that said, you can listen to this illuminating conversation with Merlin below.

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It’s my hope that this episode gives you more awareness and confidence around risk and protection for you in your role as a board member. Please feel free to share this episode with a new or aspiring board member that you think would benefit from it. If you’re looking for past episodes or have a suggestion for future topics or guests, please visit I look forward to talking with you again in the next episode.

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April 23, 2019

2 responses on "Board Shorts Podcast Ep. 7: Risk and Protection for Board Members"

  1. Thankyou Lisa, these podcasts are relevant, relaxed and revealing for new Directors. Regards Julie

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