Lessons From My First 100 Days on a New Board | Ep. 52

Imposter syndrome. Confusion. Overwhelm. Fear of embarrassment. And many a faux pas.

All of these things I have experienced on new boards. Unfortunately, more than once over my 13-year board career.

Every board is different and has its own set of spoken and unspoken rules. What works on one board, may not work on another. I’ve learnt this the “more challenging” way.

Starting on a new board is going to be a time when you confront some parts of you that you may not have known existed. The shadow sides of us that work to trip us up in high-stakes situations (like in the boardroom). As challenging as these are, they are a beautiful learning and growth opportunity. I’m sharing three common experiences that I and other new board members have had, and what I do and recommend myself and others do to work through them (because they’re going to happen and there’s no avoiding them). I’m even sharing an embarrassing story that still bugs me to this day. By talking about it, I hope to show that we are all humans (yes, even board members) and that we make mistakes. And that is OK! It’s helps to give ourselves and others compassion, grace, and understanding. Remember, we all start green on a new board.

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