New Board? Here’s a Strategy for your First 100 Days | Ep. 51

Starting on a new board (whether it’s your very first, or your fifth) is equal parts exhilarating and daunting.

You want to know what you should be doing, but you don’t know enough about this board and this organisation to know what it is that you need to be doing!

It’s not great to feel out of control like this (particularly for type-A personalities like me!).

I’ve sat with this feeling many times (eight times over the past 13 years to be precise). To help me navigate those first moments on a new board, I’ve developed a process to fall back on to (1) help me feel that I am doing something proactive that will get me to feeling that I am closer to returning value to the board and organisation in a meaningful way, and (2) helps keep the feelings of overwhelm and panic at bay.

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