Board Shorts Podcast: Six Steps to Starting Your Board Career | Ep. 01

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is “how do I get on a board”. And it makes sense. Boards seem like really cool places to be and the title of director or board member is a neat thing to have. There’s lots of information out there about what to do once you’re on a board; but not so much about how to get on one in the first place.

Episode one of the Board Shorts podcast covers six steps that aspiring company directors and board members can take to get themselves in the position to be asked to join a board.

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Additional information and links mentioned in the podcast

Being great at your day job (your professional career that pays the bills)

This video will help you understand how to present yourself for senior leadership positions, including boards.



Check out this post for tips on networking for a board position.

Build your board CV

Prepare your board resume with the help of our four-point plan.

Join board registers

Here is a list of board registers to join.

Get educated

Undertake board-relevant professional education and development. There are many courses and programs available – such as our Boardroom Bootcamp course. Find something that best suits your needs, price point, and schedule.

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