Board Shorts Podcast: Managing Frustrations in the Boardroom | Ep. 05

Frustrations are a given any time you bring a group of people together to work on something. At work, at home, with colleagues, friends, and family. Naturally, the boardroom is not excluded from this phenomena occurring from time to time.

I believe that the most influential factor on how you deal with frustrations is you. How you deal with frustration, annoyances, and things not going ‘your way’ will make a world of difference to your professional and board experiences and  success.

None of us are immune to this. I recorded this podcast to talk about how I view and manage frustrations on three different levels when they arise in the boardroom.

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Note: I apologise for the poor sound quality in some parts of this podcast. I recorded it whilst out and about. I will be more conscious of ensuring quality sound in future episodes. #PodcastNewbie

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