A Tool to Help your Board Build its Bench Strength | Ep. 72

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There’s a quick, inexpensive, and easy tool that can help your Board to build its bench strength. That tool is a Board Skills Matrix. But before you tune out before you tune in, what I share in this episode is how to take this simple tool that many boards are using and beef it up to make it do double or even triple duty for your board and your organisation.

Board skills matrices are under-utilised. There are simple ways that this tool can be used by boards to, of course, build a skills-based board, but also to increase board diversity, know when and which employees to hire, inform board member professional development investment (time and/or money), and help direct your board and senior management succession planning and recruitment activities.

Whether it’s time to set, or refresh, your board’s skills matrix, this episode will help it to become a comprehensive and meaningful tool to establish and maintain a board that delivers high value to the organisation, and that impacts and influences other conversations aimed towards having the best (most effective, efficient, and committed) board for your organisation.

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Read my full article on Setting Up, Using, and Leveraging a Board Skills Matrix at BoardPro.com.


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