Board Registers to Join Today

Board registers to join in 2019

There are a number of organisations that provide a centralised registry for people who are interested in finding board positions. Organisations then utilise these directories to find suitable potential board candidates. These great (and free!) registers are places for you to add and maintain your details on today:

National Sports Directorship Register

Sport Australia has established the National Sports Directorship Register (NSDR) to link candidates with opportunities for director positions on the boards of sporting organisations.

The NSDR is open to anyone interested in becoming a director of a sporting entity. Candidates are required to indicate their relevant skills and will be notified when a sporting organisation is seeking candidates with those skills to fill director vacancies. If the candidate is interested in the position, they are required to engage within the nominations process of that sport. Further information on the register, visit the website.

South Australian Government Boards and Committees

The South Australian Government manages the BoardingCall database of people who are interested in joining a government board and/or committee. It is open to everyone and is set up to ensure that the right balance of skills and experience, gender and cultural diversity exists on these boards. Find out more.

These state-based registers also exist in other states and territories. A quick search on Google will help you find the register for your state.


BoardLinks is a register that gives women an opportunity to be considered for appointment to a variety of Australian Government boards. It is managed by the Australian Government. You can now self-nominate to this register. However, you are encouraged to also be endorsed by a ‘BoardLink Champion‘, Australian Government Minister, or Australian Government Departmental Secretary if possible. Visit the BoardLinks website for more information.

Board Databases

Board Position Matching Service

A service provided by the Institute of Community Directors Australia where you can search for community group board vacancies. For women and men. Find out more on their website.

Volunteering SA/NT

A searchable database of South Australia and Northern Territory board vacancies (and other volunteer positions). Check out Volunteering Australia for available positions across other states and territories.

SEEK Volunteer

A national database of volunteer board and other vacancies.

CBB BoardMatch

This register is available nationally for individuals looking to join not-for-profit organisations. It is managed by Community Business Bureau (CBB). For women and men. Find an opportunity via their website.


Wondering how best to use board registers as part of your board search strategy? Check out this article here for three ways to maximise your success when using board registers.



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