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Get on Board Australia · What To Do Before Seeking A Board Role | Ep. 79


A recent conversation with an aspiring board member inspired me to capture my thoughts on this topic on the podcast. The focus of the conversation is a common situation that I see aspiring board members confront. Recording this episode will enable me to help more people work through this stage of their board career than I could get to by having a series of one-to-one conversations.

Aspiring board member Steve reached out to me via LinkedIn (I invite you to connect with me there) and asked to have a conversation about his intentions to get onto boards. He was just joining two volunteer-based boards and was considering completing a governance course in the new year with the view to securing two paid board roles thereafter. And this was all in the context of him transitioning his professional career into a portfolio career.

This may sound similar to your board career or board ambitions; a desire to secure a paid board role and seeing formal governance education as the logical box to tick to be able to get to paid board roles.

In this episode, I share my recommendations to Steve (and to you) on a better way to approach your board career; one that will get you further, faster by actually going slower.

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