Board Shorts Podcast: A Better Way to Board Succession Planning | Ep. 18

My 10+ years in the boardroom has given me a valuable perspective on board succession planning and board recruitment.

I’ve observed that boards in all industries and types of organisations struggle with this. As they say, they can’t ‘find good people’.

I actually refuse to believe this.

There are plenty of great people looking to join boards, even yours!

It turns out that the quality of your board candidates is directly related to the quality of your recruitment activities. Many boards don’t have any board recruitment activities. And they are surprised that they can’t find good people…

Enough on that for the moment!

In this episode of the Board Shorts Podcast I talk further about this topic. I share what I’ve learned over my board career so far and present a model for succession planning that I’ve been developing over the past few years. It is designed to help you and your board understand – and improve – your board succession planning and board recruitment practices.

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Looking for the sample Director Selection and Induction Process mentioned in the show?

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