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Strategy and strategic planning are things that I see many boards struggle with. I feel like strategy is one of those things that you understand when you see it, but defining it is difficult. You know a good strategy when you see one, but getting to that point feels difficult, unclear, and challenging. Once you’ve gone through a strategic planning process, and have a strategy, the next thing to consider is execution – and getting that right is a whole other kettle of fish. So, to help clarify strategy – what it is, how it’s done, keeping execution on track, and measuring the right things, I’m thankfully joined by Simon Starr – a business coach and strategy facilitator for more than a decade.

Simon’s experience spans professional services, construction, hospitals, health, and education. As a Level 3 Accredited Coach from the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership and trained in DISC Behaviour Profiling, Simon is adept at creating a positive environment for gaining input from individuals and inspiring them to think creatively and innovatively. He constructively challenges participants by seeding their thinking, often creating robust discussion to test the strength of an argument.

Simon sits on the board of Hood Sweeney, a South Australian based professional services firm, and is central in the strategic planning & facilitation of Hood Sweeney’s strategy. He brings a unique perspective and insights based on decades of working with successful organisations, elite sports teams, and senior leaders.

Simon simplifies the world of strategy and strategic planning with easy to understand and apply concepts and definitions for any organisation. I learned a lot from this conversation, and I hope you do too.

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