Boardroom Insider of the Month with Carolyn Mitchell | Ep. 55

Carolyn Mitchell is our boardroom insider of the month, sharing insights and advice from her 17-years on boards. Carolyn is an experienced board member, having built a prolific board portfolio over the past 17 years. As a highly respected legal and governance expert, Carolyn currently Chairs the boards of Credit Union SA, Netball SA, Tonkin Consulting Pty Ltd, CanDo Group, Agrisano Holdings, and the Risk Management and Audit Committee within the Department of Human Services. Carolyn is deputy Chair of LawGuard Investments Pty Ltd, and is a board member of Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and JusticeNet SA Incorporated. And to round out her robust portfolio, Carolyn is an independent committee member of the Audit, Finance, and Risk Committee at UniSA.

They are just Carolyn’s current board positions; her former directorships include:

  • Adelaide Festival Centre Trust – Trustee and Chair of the Risk and Audit Committee
  • Campion Education (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • Brink Productions Ltd – Chair
  • Data Mobility Voice Pty Ltd
  • Legal Practitioners Conduct Board
  • PowerState Credit Union Limited
  • QT Travel Pty Ltd
  • Raising Literacy Australia Incorporated – Chair
  • The Big Book Club Incorporated – Chair
  • Springwood Development Nominees Pty Ltd – Chair, Development Management Committee
  • Thylation Operations Pty Ltd and Thylation R&D Pty Ltd – Non-Executive Director

With a deep well of knowledge and experience to draw from, you can expect a wealth of information and learning that Carolyn shared in our conversation. We discussed:

  • Carolyn’s pathway to the boardroom and how she landed her first board roles.
  • What she sees as the essential skills of great board members.
  • How the boardroom has changed over the past 17 years and what she sees the future of the boardroom looking like.
  • How Carolyn integrates onto new boards quickly and effectively (as you can imagine, she has gotten this to a fine art over the years).
  • Her biggest challenge in her board career, and how she overcame it.
  • The advice she would give to new and aspiring board members.

This is such a wonderful conversation with so much valuable information in there for current, new and aspiring board members. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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