In Focus: Board CVs

Preparing a board cv

Throughout April we have been sharing articles and resources focused on preparing a board resume.

Board resumes differ from traditional professional resumes and require certain attributes to be focused on and the presentation of information to fit the needs of a board.

Following are some of our picks from around the web to help you develop your own killer board cv.


10 Insights: Is Your Board CV as Effective as it Needs to be? Via The Talent Advisors

Resume writing is very time consuming process that requires the ability to objectively assess what is relevant, which experiences should be linked to build a ‘story’ regarding a particular capability, why an application may be rejected and how to match your background with the needs of the role. Here are ten insights for a more effective board resume. Read more.


Want a seat on a board? Rewrite your resume. Via Fortune

Many people have more board-worthy experience than they think. It’s usually buried in their professional CVs. Read more.


How to write a winning board CV. Via Her Business

There is one marketing tool that aspiring board members need to underpin their application – a quality Board CV. Read more on how to write your own winning board CV.


Preparing your Board Resume

We’ve put together some simple rules of thumb to follow, and elements to include, when writing your director resume. Read on.


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