In Focus: Boardroom Diversity

Throughout May we have been sharing articles and resources about diversity in the boardroom.

It has been refreshing to see that the diversity conversation is moving beyond one discriminating factor (i.e. gender) and is now encompassing race, culture, background, age, etc. Although the effects of diversity in the boardroom appear hard to measure and justify, more recognition is being placed on the potential value that a diverse board can bring to an organisation – particularly one that reflects its customer-base and staff.

Following are some of our picks from around the web looking at diversity in the boardroom.

Top 10 Reasons Diversity Is Good For The Boardroom via Forbes

“The best boards are also the most diverse boards. They can offer a depth and breadth of insight, perspective and experience to CEOs that non-diverse boards simply cannot.” When author Mike Myatt mentions diversity, he’s addressing more than age, ethnic and gender diversity, but also diversity in skills, competencies, philosophies and life experiences as well. Mike wanted to get very specific about the value of diversity in the boardroom, so he polled some of his colleagues for their opinions on the subject. He’s sharing the top 10 reasons why diversity is good for the boardroom. Read More…


The Advantages of a Diverse Board via Strategy + Business

When it comes to corporate multiculturalism, it’s the relationship between an ethnically diverse board and its CEO that makes the biggest difference for leading firms. Read more…


Board Diversity: More Than a Gender Issue? Via Deakin Law Review

Michael Adams of Western Sydney University believes that it is without doubt time for change in many boardrooms around Australia, as well as in many other countries. Additionally, there is less doubt now than there has ever been about the need for greater diversity in board composition, starting with gender. Age and ethnicity also need to be taken into account. The more vexing questions, however, involve the choice between the introduction of mandated quotas, and the implementation of softer voluntary targets. Read Michael’s full paper…


Diversity on Corporate Boards: How Much Difference Does “Difference” Make? Via Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation 

In recent years, increasing attention has focused on the influence of gender and racial diversity on boards of directors. More than a dozen countries now require some form of quotas to increase women’s representation on boards, and many more have voluntary quotas in corporate governance codes. In the United States, support for diversity has grown in principle, but progress has lagged in practice, and controversy has centered on whether and why diversity matters. Read more…


The race for boardroom diversity is falling at the first hurdle via The Conversation

Would one more female board member have changed things at a failing company? Would the board then have spotted accounting problems or reversed the profit declines of the past few years?

Put like that, the questions sound nonsensical. And they are nonsensical. So why are so many politicians and business people coming out in favour of quotas? Large numbers are, or claim to be, convinced that female quotas on company boards are great for the companies, and great for the economy – indeed one of our best bets as a “potential solution to inequality”. Read more…


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