The Five Dysfunctions of a Board with Paul Lloyd | Ep. 33

When I first read ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team‘ by Patrick Lencioni I was struck at how the five dysfunctions of the management team presented in the book are reflected in teams of all kinds, from the sporting field to the boardroom. It’s actually one of the best “business books for the boardroom” that I’ve read.

When I ran into Leadership and Team Development Specialist, Paul Lloyd, recently at an event and he mentioned he was newly accredited in the Patrick Lencioni CAPAPro network, I jumped on the opportunity to invite him onto the podcast to have a conversation about the five dysfunctions of a team as it applies to the boardroom. Thankfully he accepted and, as suspected, we had a great discussion; covering how dysfunction shows up in the boardroom, how a board begins to overcome their dysfunctions, and what teams who think they’re not quite in the dysfunction zone can do to get better. We also digress into other areas, because when you start to unpack group dysfunction you start to realise that it comes a lot from our personal issues that we bring to the boardroom, our assumptions, and unmet expectations.

It doesn’t take long into a board career to realise that boards are more about people than they are about pure governance; so I’m certain that any board member (or aspiring board member) will find this conversation valuable.

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About Paul Lloyd

Paul has over 20 years experience helping organisations and leaders accelerate team performance. After an international career overseeing organisational growth and transformation, Paul followed his passion for trust-based leadership and transitioned into CEO and executive leadership roles in organisational and leadership development.

Paul has established a firm reputation for working in an inclusive and adaptive manner with clients. His works closely with both leaders and teams to help them build trust and establish the practices that lead to engagement, collaboration and accelerated performance.

An experienced speaker, coach, facilitator Paul is recognised for his easy and good humoured manner that puts people at ease and encourages teams to  make the changes necessary to achieve a high performance culture.

Paul specialises in: Leadership Development, High Performance Teamwork, Performance Partnering, Strength Based Coaching, Change Management, Employee Engagement

When he’s not helping leaders and teams perform, Paul can often be found at the gym or yoga studio (currently completing Yoga Teacher Training ), walking along the bay or spending time with his family.

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