Calvin Stead

Get On Board Australia Expert Network

Calvin is an experienced CEO that has worked in retail, manufacturing, commercial and professional services fields. He has run medium-sized companies that have had significant growth challenges and has gained a broad range of skills in turnaround, as well as high growth businesses in global markets.

Working with Chairpersons, Directors and senior managers, Calvin has established Business Turnaround Solutions (BTS), offering an independent view of businesses operating across a range of industries; providing strategic and operational advice to help reshape organisations to take advantage of the rapid changes taking place in the Australian economic landscape.

Calvin assists businesses to change the way they do things in todays market by:

  • Helping boards to define the appropriate strategic direction for their company
  • Converting strategic “speak” into easily understood operational and business plans
  • Helping Directors and business owners structure their companies to deliver the appropriate strategy
  • Helping companies identify the correct skill sets required to execute the strategy
  • Working with management teams to align the strategic plan across the organisation and departments
  • Assisting with the correct diversification strategies
  • Analysing and improving the manageable elements of the P&L and balance sheets of companies
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Providing assistance with company rationalisation and integration
  • Cost management
  • Working capital management advice to free-up cash flow for growth
  • Refinancing secured and unsecured debt to allow for growth
  • Procurement advice for input cost reductions, thus helping free up cash flow for growth

Calvin is a contributor on our Boardroom Bootcamp course for the topic Guiding a Company Through Challenging Times.

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