Colin Chodos

Get On Board Australia Expert Network

Colin is a Director of Corporate Connection Strategies, a specialist consulting company that assists organisations with Strategy, Change Management, and People Development.

Colin is actively involved at Board and Senior Executive level in facilitating strategic planning and implementing change initiatives for organisations. Colin’s experience is a result of successfully leading strategy and business planning processes, benchmarking organisational culture and effective leadership development and providing his Clients with practical ‘hands on’ solutions to drive productivity and profitability.

He has Chaired multiple Advisory Boards across various industry sectors.  He has been a keynote speaker at the Telstra Business Awards and is regularly invited to lecture at CEO and executive forums.

Over the past 20 years Colin has provided Executive Coaching and facilitated Strategy workshops with many companies including;
ISPT Property, April Group, MPA Construction, The Global Beauty Group, Fujitsu, The Rathbone Wine Group, Adventist Health Care, JMD Insurance Brokers, Action Insurance Group, Parkview Construction, Harris HMC, St Vincent’s Public Hospital (Sydney), KinCare, Nulsen Disability Services, Australian. Hearing, Taxation Institute of Australia, DBSchenker, The Executive Connection, and The Leadership Think Tank.

Colin’s change & strategic workshops focus on an experiential agenda design and a collaborative strategy process development, facilitating a pragmatic approach to answering: Where are we? Where do we want to be? And how will we get there? Processes ensure:

  • Maximum participant engagement
  • Leverage of internal knowledge, global and industry trends
  • Commitment to stimulating innovative thinking while considering practical commercial realities

Colin also assists organisations to draft change plans and strategic direction documents.

Colin is a contributor for our Boardroom Bootcamp course for the topics Change Management, and Strategy Planning and Oversight.

Contact Colin via his websiteemail, LinkedIn, or mobile (0418 446 204).