Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions about our courses.

Who is this e-Course for?

All of our courses are designed for new and aspiring company directors and board members. You may be at the start of your board career (first to fifth year), looking to start your board career in the near future (e.g. in the next 12 months), or you have been sitting on a board for many years and now want to formalise your knowledge to pursue other board opportunities.

How is the e-Course delivered?

Our e-courses are delivered fully online, through this website. You must be logged in to access the course material related to the course you have subscribed to.

Some elements of our courses are done via third-party providers (for example, for our webinars and online conferencing).

How much does it cost?

Each course is priced individually. The cost is noted on each course home page towards the top right-hand of the course information.

When do registrations close?

For courses with a start date, registrations are open up until the listed start date. For course without a start date, registrations are open all day, every day

When does it start?

For courses with a start date, please take note of the listed date for when a course commences. You will receive an email reminding you of the start date of any course you subscribe to.

All other courses do not have a formal start date and are started as soon as you sign up to the course.

What if I’m not satisfied?

For courses with an open start date, a full refund can be requested within one (1) day of signing up to the course.

For courses with a start date, a full refund can be requested within one (1) week of the course start date.

Refund requests can be forwarded using the enquiry form below.

Are there any restrictions on who can enroll in an e-Course?

There are no restrictions to who can enroll for our e-courses. Our courses are best suited to new and aspiring company directors and board members.

Will I earn any continuing professional development points (CPD) for my professional accreditation?

Our courses will likely meet most criteria for the CPD requirements of large professional associations. It is recommended you check with your association prior to enrolment to ensure you can claim the work and hours invested for your CPD requirements.

How does Boardroom Bootcamp and Certificate of Board Readiness equate to the AICD’s Company Director’s Foundation course and certificate? Does Boardroom Bootcamp give me Director Professional Development (DPD) points?

The AICD is an separate and independent organisation to Get on Board Australia. Their courses and certificates are suitable to individuals who feel that they better meet their director development needs. I encourage you to evaluate all courses available to you against your specific learning needs, capabilities, and resources.

For AICD members, DPD points are available for a range of learning and development activities. For more information on earning and recording DPD points, visit AICD’s website.

Any further questions?

Please write to us using the enquiry form.

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