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Boardroom Bootcamp gives you the foundational knowledge you need to thrive in the Boardroom. It will teach you the unknown unknowns in easy-to-understand language.

Across four modules, you will learn about your responsibilities as a company director and how to be an effective board member; the dynamics and mechanics of the Board as a whole; understand the board’s responsibilities across all facets of the organisation including: risk management, cybersecurity, compliance, strategy, culture, decision-making, and finances; and how to engage with stakeholders and be a good corporate citizen. It is a curriculum based on my 15-year Board career with contributions from the best subject matter experts around Australia.

Boardroom Bootcamp is presented across two major ‘modules’ on this website: the Boardroom Bootcamp course and the Certificate of Board Readiness Quiz.

To access the Boardroom Bootcamp course, click on ‘Boardroom Bootcamp’ below. Work through the course using the 12-week study plan (available within the course) or at your own pace. Once you have completed all modules, exit the course and mark this module as complete.

When you’re ready to attempt the Certificate of Board Readiness Quiz, click on ‘Certificate of Board Readiness Quiz’ below. More instructions are available within the quiz.