Board Shorts Podcast Ep. 6: Etiquette in the Boardroom

Why manners always matter.

Today’s episode is all about Etiquette in the boardroom: why manners always matter, and I’m joined by etiquette expert Alana Lenart.

Alana is the founder and director of Etiquette for Success, a consulting agency, based in Adelaide, South Australia.

With an innate belief that company culture directly impacts the customer experience Etiquette for Success delivers strategies that positions organisations to attract and retain customers.

Building on 20+ years experience in Customer Service, including 13 years at Qantas Airways, Alana is dedicated to engaging and empowering employees to drive consistently great results for their organisations.

Whether you’re starting out on your board career and wondering how to behave in the boardroom, or if you’re feeling like the board you’re on is behaving badly, and could do with a boost in its team work, today’s episode has some gems for you.

Alana and I talk about what etiquette is (and isn’t), what etiquette looks like in the boardroom, the behaviours that you and your board can introduce to create a better culture in the boardroom and across the organisation, being a values-led board, and recruiting for the culture you WANT, not the culture you have.

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August 21, 2018

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